Your response here assumes that young women/women are given equal footing in our society as young men/men. I assure you they are not. That's why sometimes a focus on women is merited as it is with Black lives and Black Lives Matter. Further nothing about focusing on young women/women or writing in ways that focus on them should circumscribe any man, young or otherwise, from being inspired by RBG or any other woman who exhibits qualities that they admire. I highly encourage it actually. On the flip, I have plenty of men who I admire who are lauded for exhibiting characteristics rightly or wrongly more commonly associated with being male (e.g. bravery, courage, etc.) - it doesn't stop me from admiring them or recognizing those qualities in myself. The difference there Is that I think women have been intentionally excluded at times from those descriptors to preserve the western concept of masculinity - versus what I've done here which is apply a focus on something about women in a way meant to bolster and encourage women to be great in a society that isn't always permissive of our greatness.

She/her. I write stuff. Published in Human Parts, Zora, AnInjustice!. #BLM

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