Stop Expecting Black People to Be Superhuman in the Face of Fear

Making Room For Our Fear, Makes Room For Our Humanity

Image courtesy of Pixabay from the digital repository:

I could not bring myself to finish watching the video of a compliant, deferential, tired, and clearly inebriated, Rayshard Brooks try to explain himself for nearly 30 minutes before the most human response kicked in as the officers attempted to handcuff him and he fled, then scuffled with the two officers and appeared to aim a nonlethal weapon at one. When he did, a police officer, who has since been fired, shot him in the back, and he died. And when he died, make no mistake, Rayshard Brooks died, for being human.

She/her. I write stuff. Published in Human Parts, Zora, AnInjustice!. #BLM

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