Thou Shalt Eat Fried Chicken and Watermelon and Drink Kool-Aid (*in moderation) and Enjoy It

It’s a Commandment Now, So Act Like It.

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One of the things that breaks my heart about the system of United States racism is that it convinces or tries to convince marginalized and oppressed people that our offerings to our social fabric are inferior and shameful, including our foods. Fragrant foods from around the world that White people aren’t accustomed to eating are deemed “stinky,” or “disgusting.”

People of color and Black people must reject the notion or the semblance of the notion that the things we love and do are bad at every turn, even in what we eat and where and how simply because they are associated with us and our race or that the things that White people eat and do are somehow inherently better or worse. That means that if White people want to eat raisins in their potato salad, we should let them without comment.

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I write stuff. Published in Human Parts, Zora, AnInjustice!, AOA. #BLM

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