I have a profound sense of gratitude for the life and political career of Elizabeth Warren. I’ve been inspired by her story and trajectory and have been from well before she entered the race for president. Her story has something for everyone — she is one part heartland standard, one part devoted mother and wife, one part superstar professor, one part consumer protectionist, one part Senator extraordinaire. We didn’t deserve her, America.

I know there are many for whom her quirky brand of intellectual charisma was off-putting, but few could deny that what Elizabeth Warren may have lacked in “likeability,” although I personally find her extremely likeable, she made up for in solutions. That is an incontrovertible fact. From healthcare to student loans to the environment, Elizabeth Warren had a plan for that.

What she may have lacked in a Super Tuesday showing, I know, she will make up for in persistence in the myriad of ways I expect her to continue to serve the people of my home state and the advancement of fairer laws for all Americans.

I’ve listed before the many, many admirable attributes of Elizabeth Warren, but perhaps most promising for me in this race was her virtually spotless record. Naively I thought that lacking the political weight of Hillary Clinton and all the baggage the Clinton name comes with, that she might have had a more significant chance at the White House. The same could be said of her campaign in relation to that of both Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris who had to wrangle with their histories as prosecutors. I was optimistic about Elizabeth Warren because she was comparatively unencumbered. I thought that it would be enough. So many of us who felt this way were proven wrong.

I was disappointed and disillusioned on Super Tuesday and am again today having learned of her decision to withdraw from the race. I feel this disappointment not just for myself or even for Senator Warren, but for so many overly qualified women and girls who will be overlooked and passed over in favor of men, generally older, white men.

I wonder now what a woman in this country will have to do and be to qualify for the job of president. If being smart, determined, pragmatic, organized, solution oriented, and hardworking aren’t enough, I’m not sure what the appropriate qualifications are for the nearly 51% of the population who has never had the privilege of having one amongst them hold the highest office in our land.

I am thankful today, even through tears, for Elizabeth Warren’s plucky spirit, for her spunky and on the nail debate performances, for her intelligence, and for carrying on the torch for this and future generations of women who deserve a fair shot to lead here and everywhere.

She and her campaign gave and give me an unconquerable hope that one day we WILL have a woman president.

And for that, I thank you, Elizabeth Warren.

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