No One Likes Wearing Masks, But Grow Up and Wear Yours Anyways, Just Like All the Kindergarteners

No one likes wearing masks because they are unpleasant and hard to breath in and make it hard to communicate with others, but they are not more unpleasant than getting seriously ill, dying or potentially exposing someone else to life threatening illness or death even if you don’t believe in the pandemic.

Bridgette L. Hylton
4 min readSep 14, 2021

There are prices we pay for participation in society. We all agree to live amongst one another and that requires some set of shared rules, obligations and responsibilities. Some are formal like paying taxes and others informal, like cutting our lawns in a timely fashion. We do these things even if we don’t like them or understand them so that we can have the enjoyment of living amongst our fellow human beings.

We learn new expectations as new technology and situations arise. We no longer cover our coughs and sneezes with our hands as we did before, but with our elbows. Even if we would really like to not pay our taxes, most of us do or we face sharp consequences. Even if we would really, really like to, for some strange reason, sneeze on the person next to us, most of us try not to.